Inpharm diet

Inpharm Diet is a line of Inpharm Co., which is focused on placing new, innovative formulations of dietary supplements.

Venodia plus

VENODIA plus® is a dietary supplement containing diosmin, hesperidin, nettle and blueberry extracts, which can contribute to the maintenance of healthy peripheral circulation.

The active substance of VENODIA plus® tablets is diosmin – a vasoprotective (has a positive impact on the stabilization of capillaries), which has a venotonic effect (increases the venous tone) and vasoprotective effect (increases the resistance of small blood vessels – capillaries).

The effect of nettle and blueberry extracts helps eliminate toxins and maintain blood vessel elasticity, improve circulation, and lymphatic drainage.

VENODIA plus® tablets are recommended for adults, as medication which can help alleviate problems with:
  • CHRONIC VENOUS INSUFFICIENCY (aching and tired legs, feeling of heaviness in legs, swelling, night cramps and morning tiredness and tired legs in the morning)
  • ACUTE HEMORRHOIDAL SYNDROME (bleeding, pain, itching)
Instructions for use: Use VENODIA plus® tablets in accordance with your physician’s recommendation.

V – pluscream gel contains a combination of active substances which alleviate skin changes, that have occurred as a result of disorders of venous circulation, enabling nurture of varicose veins skin, dilated and broken capillaries, tired and heavy leg syndrome.

Contains diosmin, almond oil, and menthol. This combination of ingredients soothes and protects the skin, offering a pleasant cooling sensation.

Instructions for use: apply V - plus cream gel on the skin of the legs and gently massage in using upwards movements until absorbed.  

Repeat the procedure several times a day, depending on your needs. After applying the formulation, wash your hands with water. Do not apply formulation on damaged skin.

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