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Za sve buduće i sadašnje mame

Pregnacare him&her conception

Pregnacare® him&her conception is a dietary supplement intended for couples who want to have a baby. A pack contains 60 tablets, 30 tablets Pregnacare® Conception for her and - 30 tablets Wellman® Conception for him. These are carefully balanced micronutrient formulations:

  • Pregnacare® Conception – for female nutrition as an aid in establishing normal fertility and reproduction
  • Wellman® Conception – for male nutrition as a contribution to normal reproductive function and establishment of normal spermatogenesis.

When it comes to benefits for women, the main advantage of Pregnacare® conception is that it is composed of the following - inositol, which improves ovarian function, L-arginine - improves the ovarian response to sex hormones and the ability of the endometrium to accept a fertilized egg, N-acetyl cysteine, which cansignificantly improve ovulation and increase the likelihood of conception, essential vitamins B12, B6, folic acid, antioxidants, etc.

As a woman is not the only one to take care of her diet and habits, there is also Wellman® conception which, among other things, contains zinc and selenium. Zinc maintains a normal concentration of testosterone in the blood, while selenium contributes to normal spermatogenesis.

Method of use:

WOMEN – take one tablet of Pregnacare@ Conception a day, with main meal and with a glass of water

MEN – take one tablet of Wellman@ Conception a day, with main meal, with a glass of water

Pack: 30+30 tablets

Pregnacare original

Pregnacare original tablets are the optimal combination of 19 vitamins and minerals, necessary for regular growth, the development of the fetus and mother’s vitality.

They contain the recommended doses of folic acid and vitamin B12, which are necessary in the period before pregnancy and in the first trimester, in order to ensure proper development of the neural tube of the fetus.

Use: 1 tablet per day with main meal.

Pregnacare plus

Pregnacare Plus – contains Pregnacare Original multivitamin tablets and capsules with additional Omega 3 fatty acids. An adequate intake of Omega 3 fatty acids is very significant during pregnancy, because 70% of the baby\'s brain develops by the time of birth. Its use is especially recommended after the first trimester, when the accelerated growth of baby\'s brain begins, and which contains a high percentage of DHA. The implementation of Pregnacare Plus should be continued postpartum, as additional support to breastfeeding and better immunity of the mother.

Pregnacare new mum

Satisfied mother, satisfied baby

Forget post-mortem fatigue!
Restore energy, mind and body!
Unique formulation of 27 nutrients designed for mothers.
Compensate vitamins and minerals, because thinking of yourself, think of your baby.

Pregnacare New Mum is a balanced formulation of microelements that support nutritional  requirements of the mother, contributing to the general condition and appearance of women in that delicate period.

Pregnacare New Mum is the only product on the market that is intended for mothers only, can be used during breastfeeding and has many benefits, among which are:

•  reduces fatigue and exhaustion, relieves stress, contributes to the improvement of mental functions (memory, concentration, attention) because it also contains vitamin B12, pantothenic and folic acid

• regulates hormonal activity and \"calms down\" becouse of vitamin B6

• raises the level of energy and defenses of the organism because there are \"fighters\" for immunity: vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc

• improves skin tone and helps maintain healthy hair thanks to biotin, niacin and collagen

• while calcium helps maintain healthy bones and teeth

So, Pregnacare New Mum advanced formula cares about mothers and their proper nutritional supply of the body. 

Because, how we look and how we feel are two sides of the same coin. During pregnancy and after delivery, there are major changes in the body of the woman. These changes are of varying intensity, ranging from pregnant women to pregnant women, and from one to another pregnancy in the same woman.

In addition to a diverse, balanced diet, it is also important to choose an adequate diet supplement, and in the best way to make up for all the minerals and vitamins that you have given to your baby, for the SATISFIED MOTHER, SATISFIED BABY.

Package: 56 pills

Usage: 2x1 per day

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