According to the World Health Organization, about 40% of the world\'s population suffers from iron deficiency anemia (sideropenic anemia).The most endangered categories are women during the menstrual cycle, pregnant women in the second half of pregnancy, the elderly, and especially the young, i.e. children in the phase of accelerated growth and development.

Sideropenic anemia is most often manifested by symptoms accompanied by a lack of energy (fatigue, malaise, drowsiness, decreased cognitive function), and are a consequence of insufficient supply of cells with oxygen.They are accompanied by pale skin and mucous membranes, angular stomatitis, etc.

The consequences of anemia is most dangerous in pregnant women and children because they interfere with their normal growth and development.

Feroglobin CAPSULES are produced by a special technology, which provides a gradual release of iron over 24 hours (Slow Release - each granule is specially modified to release iron at different times).In this way, Feroglobin provides the body with an optimal amount of iron, with a high degree of resorption and utilization, without the usual side effects (there is no nausea and discomfort in the stomach, no teeth or stools coloration).

Feroglobin B12 and Feroglobin FORTE can be advised to:

  • WOMEN IN THE GENERATIVE PERIOD AND ADOLESCENTS for the correction of sideropenic anemia (replenishment of iron reserves, improvement of physical and cognitive abilities, improvement of quality of life)
  • WOMEN IN PREGNANCY to ensure a sufficient amount of iron, especially in the second half of pregnancy, when it is often deficient
  • WOMEN DURING BREASTFEEDING if they had anemia during pregnancy and / or increased blood loss during childbirth
  • IN GASTROINTESTINAL DISEASES when there is frequent blood loss, which can often be hidden (e.g. ulcer bleeding, occult bleeding, etc.)

  • IN ONCOLOGICAL PATIENTS, DURING CHEMIO- AND RADIO-THERAPY when the so-called secondary sideropenic anemia develops (in case of blood loss due to a malignant process, changes in the conditions in the gastrointestinal tract and impaired absorption of iron, vitamin B12, zinc, etc.)
  • THE ELDERLY who have a reduced ability to absorb nutrients from food, especially iron and vitamin B12
  • ATHLETES due to increased demands and for more efficient energy generation
  • TO ALL AGE GROUPS to reduce mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion, frequent blood donors

Feroglobin liquid is ideal for children, but also for adults who have trouble swallowing.It tastes great, improves appetite, provides nutrients necessary for growth, and helps the maturation of erythrocytes.

Feroglobin B12

Feroglobin FORTE

Feroglobin liquid

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