Complete gel

Goodbye joint pain

Arthro Complete gel is product with a specially created formulation intended to regenerate damaged cartilage incurred as a result of a degenerative process, trauma, age and preventive for all those who play sports.


  • Glucosamine sulfate - helps increase elasticity and firmness of joint structures, helps cartilage regeneration and revitalization.
  • Hyaluronic acid - positive effect with the difficult mobility in joints and muscles.
  • Collagen - the main building element of cartilage, collagen fibers provide strength of cartilage.
  • Camphor - It stimulates the blood flow in the desired area of the body and thus improves blood circulation and contributes to relaxation of muscles and alleviating rheumatic pain.
  • The herb comfrey - it contains auxin, which participates in the creation of new tissue, so that helps in  rapid healing of wounds and allantoin which contributes to granulation and tissue regeneration.

Pack contains 100 ml
Application: Apply to the desired place and gentle rub in a circular motion. Repeat several times a day, depending on the need. After applying the mixture wash your hands with water.

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