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Inpharm Diet is a line of Inpharm Co., which is focused on placing new, innovative formulations of dietary supplements.

Cincic Imuno

For the little heroes

Cincicimuno is a dietary supplement that contains zinc and vitamins A, C and D, which contribute to normal immune function.

Besides that:
- Zinc and vitamin A contribute to maintaining normal vision
- Vitamin D is important for maintenance of normal teeth and is needed for normal growth and development of bones of children

CINK function:
- contributes to normal immune function and protection of cells from oxidative stress 1
- is used to alleviate the symptoms and reduction in the duration of colds
- an important role in bone formation 2
- shortens duration and intensity of diarrhea 3
- helps activate vitamin A in the process of vision

*Conditions requiring zinc supplementation and indicators of zinc deficiency:
- weakening of immunity
- skin changes 4

D VITAMIN function:
- it is necessary for regulation of calcium metabolism, for its absorption from digestive tract and installation in bones and teeth 5
- it is essential for the growth and development of bones of children contributing to the normal function of the immune system of children
* indicators of vitamin D deficiency:
- slower growth and development
- later onset of teeth

C VITAMIN function:
- contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, which cause free radicals 6
- worksimmunostimulatory - relieves symptoms and shortens the duration of upper respiratory tract infection 7
* conditions requiring supplementation with vitamin C and indicating lack of vitamin C:
- frequent infections of the upper respiratory tract
- bad appetite
- dry skin

A VITAMIN function:
- It is important for maintaining the sense of sight is important for the immune system
Vitamin A deficiency indicators 8:
- problems with vision
- tiredness, nausea

Children 3-10 years old: chew one tablet daily or dissolve in the mouth, after meal.
Children older than 11 years: two tablets a day chew or melt into mouth, after meal.
Pack contains 60 chewable tablets

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