Inpharm diet

Inpharm Diet is a line of Inpharm Co., which is focused on placing new, innovative formulations of dietary supplements.


CardiofortIN contains 5 important antioxidants of nature in one place, and they contribute with their synergistic effect:
-reduces the level of homocysteine that is a predictor of the CV event - \"contributes to the normal metabolism of homocysteine\"
-Excited cardioprotective effect - positive effect on endocard and myocardiocytes
-Have a place in anti-aging medicine
-Practical effect on athletes and \"chronic fatigue syndrome\" - increases energy production - increases endurance and reduces muscle fatigue
-Positiv effect on metabolic processes - site in obese patients, diabetics and insulin resistance
-Associates the normal functioning of the nervous system - a place in neurological patients

-Exceptional vasculoprotective effect - positive effect on endothelium of the blood vessels - contributes to vasorelaxation and repair of endothelial dysfunction and the prevention of the onset of atherosclerosis and its complications


Adults - drink one capsule daily with a full glass of water or another cold drink.

Capsules must not be chewed.

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