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Annual meeting Inpharm Co. at Zlatar mountain


As tradition dictates, this year we were pleased to organize a kick off in May on Mountain Zlatar from 31.5. to 3.6.2019.

We enjoyed the fresh air, healthy food, educational meetings as well as quality entertainment that is an integral part of any quality team building.

Satisfied with the realization, rested and smiling, we continue the work that leads us in only one direction - the direction of constant growth.

Outher news


Italian delegation


We had the opportunity to host an Italian delegation consisting of 24 companies and representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Italian businessmen have expressed their desire to visit a wholesale drug store in Serbia and we have welcomed them and introduced them to our way of doing business, introduce them to our employees and presented our work space.

We were proud to present our growing portfolio and advancements during our 20 years of existence.



In March 2019th, Inpharm implements and certify with new standard ISO 45001:2018, as well as update its Policy of quality, environment protection and occupational health and safety, to point out role of its employees in occupational health and safety system.



Since November 2018 Inpharm has its business activities on additional location, which includes warehouse of medical devices, on address Majora Zorana Radosavljevića 362-364, capacity of 1900m2, for which is provoded license for wholesale issued from Ministry of Health.

Vitabiotics delegation in Belgrade


At the beginning of November, 10 years of cooperation between our company and Vitabiotics company was marked in Belgrade, with the presence of guests from Great Britain - Vice President Mr. Rohit Shelatkar and Export director g. Ritesh Patel.

On this occasion, INPHARM company organized two events for both guests and our long-standing associates from all over Serbia. When it comes to pregnancy, number one brand in the United Kingdom is Vitabiotics Pregnacare. About the entire Pregnacare pallet, we talked about on the event 6th November at the Yugoslav Cinema, with a focus on a new product in our market that is intended for couples who want to have a baby - Pregnacare him & her conception. Mr. Shelatkar spoke about the composition and benefits of Pregnacare products, referring to the role of supplements in the modern world. With an energetic performance, supporting his claims by the data’s, to the pharmacists and employees of INPHARMhe provided a clear picture of today‘s man and woman, and their needs, especially when preparing for the extension of the family. Company Vitabioticswas presented by Mr. Patel. After the presentations, there was socializing with music, service and conversation.

Since FeroglobinB12 has been in the capsules for years already a more productive iron-based product in Serbia (according to IMS data), the second event was dedicated to this product. In full hall of INPHARM on 7thNevemberVitabiotics colleagues presented Feroglobin based on experience from the UK, while the attendees have listened about experiences from Serbia from Prof. Dr SvetlanaVrzić-Petronijević. The teams were in excellent mood, and all the participants had the opportunity to talk with our partners from Vitabiotics on various topics.
Take a look at the video and feel the part of the atmosphere that has been going on during these two days in our video gallery.

Belgrade Bussines Run 2018


Another sport event where Inpharm team took part, and of course achieved a great result! The Belgrade Business Race organizes a race of companies and aims to raise awareness of companies about an important segment of life, which is a sporting activity.

Inpharm as a responsible company has attended a large number of sports activities and will always support them with their participation. Every honor for the team for the 188th place in the race where more than 400 teams participated!

Football Pharmaceutical league – first place!


We are proud to announce that the Inpharm team is the winner of the Cup for the first place in the Football pharmaceutical League.

After a hard fight in the semi-finals, deservedly win gold and once again confirm that they are the best among the best!
Inpharm is proud of your team!

Inpharm Co meeting in Bijeljina


As expected,the employees had the opportunity to visit a new place, this year that was ethno village Stanišići. At this year‘s meeting from 20-22.04.2018. all employees were given the opportunity to present themselves through the presentation, which was particularly interesting.
The work piece was interactive, followed by a series of interesting things that we prepared for our colleagues.

We organized one of the most interesting summer games, a search for goods. After a lot of laughter and running, the first team received a well-deserved award. But there was not a big pause for rest, after a short break, they enjoyed in the Greek party and karaoke competition atEllas Restaurant!

Once again, the team spirit won!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


To our colleagues, partners and consumers we wish very successful and fruitful 2018 year, to start all the desired changes this year and that success follows you wherever you go!

New Year’s „Aloha“ party


Inpharm employees this time had a slightly different New Year‘s Eve...
We celebrated cold days with a hot Hawaiian party and wished a lot of warm wishes for 2018.

New in the company - refreshed visual identity


INPHARM celebrates its sixteen successful years on the market by refreshing its visual identity.

Known for its dedication, commitment and homely relationship with business partners as well as employees, INPHARM this year choose for the introduction of standards also in the area of businesscommunication. The application of stylized logo and standardization of visual communication are in progress and will enable the Company to be better recognized on the market. It will also provide additional support in the presentation of the Company and its products, and provide support to employees in work.

We present our new logo ...

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