is an optimistic company with rapid development that sees the future as a chance for success, which is seen through the satisfaction of all parties

Mission and vision


The main activities of Inpharm Co. are complete support to partner companies, starting from services of representation, importation, consignation and wholesale distribution of medication, OTC products, medical devices and nutritional supplements to wholesalers and end-users in Serbia, exportation to the countries in the region, including RA such as registration and pharmacovigilance, CRO services for clinical trials, as well as promotion and advertisement services.

Acting as the importer, consignee and distributor for the contractor companies abroad, Inpharm Co. supplies pharmacies, private pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, homes for people with special needs, as well as wholesaler companies in the region in order to achieve control over their trade in medications and to ensure availability of the complete portfolio of the entire market.

Inpharm operates in accordance with the Law, good business practice and ethics, always striving to fully comply with the requirements of quality standards for medicinal products for human use, including the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Practices in the distribution of medical products.

INPHARM’s mission, in accordance with the following, is to meet the interests of partners, buyers and employees by providing a continuous supplying of domestic and foreign markets with products of their own Portfolio, for enabling the availability of medications, medical devices, dietary supplements and other products to the end-users, to whom these preparations are necessary to maintain and improve health and quality of life.


Inpharm Co. is an optimistic company in rapid development that sees the future as a chance for success, reflected through complacency of all interested parties, our buyers, partners, employees, owners and the entire society.

A careful selection of representing partners and medical products in trade, presence of those products on the list of medications that are available on prescription, investments in promotion, serious approach to buyers, medical experts and patients, investments in new buildings and infrastructure look promising for the further turnover growth, which was established by Inpharm Co. as well as the increasing quality of services we provide to our clients and buyers.

It is our vision that INPHARM gets recognition in the market for its specific program of quality medicines and other products, well organized and prompt distribution, with company reputation that stands out through expertise, speed, quality and ability to answer the requirements of the market at any time.

Inpharm Company motto is – Satisfakcija naših partnera, kupaca i zaposlenih je osnovni cilj našeg poslovanja.

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