About us

Our vision is to be recognized INPHARM market. The motto of the company is Inpharm - The satisfaction of our partners, customers and employees is the main goal of our business.


We are a company that is dedicated to quality management, care about their employees so as to provide a safe and healthy work and protect the environment.


We offer storage in our storage areas according to the latest standards. Transport of goods, customs brokerage and overall logistics is what sets us apart.

Welcome to Inpharm Co.

Inpharm Co. is an optimistic company in rapid development that sees the future as a chance for success, reflected through satisfaction of all stakeholders, our buyers, partners, employees, owners and the entire society. A careful selection of represented partners and medical products in trade, presence of those products on the list of medications that are available on prescription, investments in promotion, serious approach to buyers, medical experts and patients, investments in new facilities and infrastructure look promising for the further turnover growth, which was established by Inpharm Co. as well as the increasing quality of services we provide to our clients and buyers.

It is our vision that INPHARM gets recognition in the market for its specific program of quality medicines and other products, well organized and prompt distribution, with company reputation that stands out through expertise, speed, quality and ability to answer the requirements of the market at any time.

Motto of the Inpharm Company is – Satisfaction of our partners, buyers and employees is the main objective of our business.

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